Consultation (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

The consultation is the most important part of your overall heart health assessment.

The free initial online consultation will help me know more about your symptoms and will guide me in identifying the tests needed in order to reach a diagnosis.

My team will arrange a subsequent thorough and in-depth consultation during which I will gather very important information related to your past medical history, risk factors, current symptoms you are experiencing. Moreover a thorough physical examination to detect signs of heart disease will be performed.

Based on the above information I will assess which tests are more appropriate and necessary in order to help me establish the correct diagnosis and the relevant treatment plan.

Consultation room

I can offer a virtual consultation on the phone to patients contacting me from all over the UK and I will be able to arrange any tests needed in their local area.

If a holter monitor will be needed to investigate palpitations, we’ll post the device to your home and we’ll retrieve it through a courier.

If other tests, such as echocardiogram, 24 h ambulatory blood pressure monitor, exercise tolerance test will be necessary, my team will arrange those tests for you in your city or nearby.

After receiving the tests’ results, a follow up consultation will be arranged with me to go through the reports and establish a final diagnosis and provide you with a tailored treatment plan.

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