24 Hour Holter Monitor

24 Hour Holter Monitor

The 24 hour holter monitor activity

The 24-hour Holter monitor interpretation is done by a Cardiologist or a Physiologist: the electrocardiogram (ECG) activity of your heart will show whether there are any irregular heartbeats which could be a fast heartbeat or very low heartbeat. Therefore, these will guide us to the necessary treatment.

The 24 hour holter monitor activity


Do I need to attend a clinic in person to have the holter monitor fitted?

We can post the Holter Monitor Device to your home. My team will contact you and show you how to fit it on your chest. It is a very simple and straightforward procedure.

Once the recording is over, we’ll send you a courier to collect the device. When we receive it, we analyse it and the results will be with you within 24 hours.

Can I have an ECG recording more prolonged than 24 hours?

We can detect your heart electrical activity through devices recording for 24 h, 48 h, 72 hours, up to 14 days.

This more prolonged recording is indicated when the symptoms of palpitations experienced by the patient are not very frequent and do not occur every day.

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